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Terms and Conditions:

By visiting the website you agree to all the terms and conditions provided as under. The company may change the terms and conditions over a period of time, and users are told to check the website for details regarding the changes. By using the website, you also accept that any new or modified information has been studied by you and thereafter, you are using the website It is advisable to visit the terms and conditions section to understand the changes made by the organisation from time-to-time and by continuing to use the website you are agreeing to them.

The term Commodityface used in the document refers to the website and others associated with it.

Commodityface reserves the right and sole discretion of denying access of the website or a portion of it without any prior notice with reasons like

·         For any use of the data found to be obstructing our value proposition or any unauthorised access of the same.

·         For any violation of any terms and conditions by the users or any person associated with Commodityface, or any person flouting the user agreement.

On the other hand, you also agree to get periodic newsletters from us, once you register with us, unless you choose to not receive it.

Definition and Interpretation:

  • “Analyzer” is the technical advisor providing technical guidance in commodity market.
  • “Trader” is the customer/client availing or requiring the services provided by Commodityface.
  • “Astrologer” is the astrology advisor providing services in commodity market to the traders., gives you a limited, non-assignable as well as non-transferable license for accessing for providing access that is conditioned upon for user agreement and they would be using the information under the terms provided and governed by the terms and conditions that has been provided in the document as well in the User Agreement. company website design together with information that has been represented on the website is proprietary information and an exclusive property of Also, nothing in this document/agreement can or shall be construed as assigning or transferring the ownership of the rights to anyone or any entity or a person or people. Some information such as analyst data and predictions along with others are proprietary data of This cannot be used, iterated, re-used or sold to anyone outside without’s notice. You also agree not to re-use, re-broadcast or modify the data that is made available on for any reasons at all. You agree of not repeating or re-posting of any information that has been provided on the website, if in any case found, you would be liable for punitive and actual damages that will be determined by and the additional damages would be determined by Indian court of Law.

You cannot redistribute, resell, broadcast or even transfer this information or use the information in a searchable or any machine-readable database unless you are specially authorised by prior to conducting like this. You are not allowed to sell, rent, sublicense, lease, transfer, distribute, copy, publicly display, reproduce, adapt, publish, store or even time-share, any information that is mentioned or any information received or even accessed there from or through any person or entity unless separately as well as specifically authorised in writing by which may be prior such case. Additionally, you are not allowed to remove, obscure or alter any copyright, proprietary legal notices in the portion unless prior authorisation is received.

Neither (which includes its directors, employees, agents, affiliates, sub-contractors, or representatives) would be liable for any loss or liability that may result from indirectly or directly, from the delay or interpretation. This may be true with natural disasters and technological failures.

You agree to the use of the website at your own risk.

The data, information, products, software, services published and features on may include inaccuracies or even errors, and it is the sole responsibility of the individual to take care of this, and does not take any liability for any damages or losses suffered by the user. As the changes are made on a consistent basis, and associates would not be responsible for disruptions or interruptions that may be caused by It may also be relevant for consultants, affiliates, advertisers, employees or any associated entities that is collectively referred to as affiliates would not be held responsible for any disruptions caused.

You also acknowledge that information provided to has been compiled from various sources that can be the controlled outside of although such information can be recognised by the parties that can be reliable, and you also acknowledge that these errors or inaccuracies can occur and should not be held responsible for the information/data. There may be a possibility of mechanical or human errors and other factors and you also acknowledge that has been providing all the information to you may be ‘as is’. disclaims any such warranties whether oral or expressed or implied with or otherwise of any kind to users and any other parties that includes implied information or data with regards to timeliness, accuracy, completeness, or importance for any purpose as well as any responsibilities that may arise by custom trade or the course of dealing or implied for the title non-infringement. would be providing information only and does not endorse any third party information, market participation, or even brokerage. Also, does not represent the requirements or even any information that be suitable for your needs.

Under this agreement, you also assume that all the risks and errors or any omissions from that may include any transmission or even translation of the information may have errors or inaccuracies, for which should not be held responsible. You have to assume all the responsibilities for implementing such procedures as well as checks for satisfying the requirements for suitability and accuracy of that also includes information for maintaining any data that may require construction of facts or lost data for subsequent usage of information for analyses under the User Agreement.

The links on the website would allow you to leave outside of With this, the links in the website that may have a mention or may take you outside of may not be under the control of These websites are not under our control nor hves been monitored by us in The inclusion of the linked site may not be any endorsements made by and is governed by the separate body or agreement.

You shall not hold or any of the affiliates on the account of any claims or losses that is imposed or asserted or incurred by you by the virtue of using the website or any non-compliance by the users.

As the analysis and user-generated content are provided by the analysts and astrologers, will not be held responsible for the facts or statistics or any information posted by them directly or indirectly. does not take any responsibility for the content being provided by the analysts and astrologers. may only edit the content to meet language guidelines and other parameters for maintaining quality standards on the website.

All the rights to the information submitted and provided by the analysts and astrologers at are proprietary information of 

  • does not make any representations, nor will the website endorse the completeness, accuracy, reliability, timelessness, opinion, statement or any other information or content submitted to our website. If the user depends or solely relies on any materials that are available on our website, the user does it on his/her own risk.
  • We take all actions for although and intend to prevent attacks of worms, viruses, or Trojan viruses or any other materials (which may be destructive) on our website. However, we do not warrant or guarantee the materials of the website.
  • Due to the quantum of data / content received by, due to the electronic distribution system or the hazards due to the internet system, delays could be accounted for, with omissions or delays or inaccuracies, users relying on such data or information should seek professional advice or use their own discretion for taking decisions in the business or personal front. In case, the individual suffers crisis, loss or damages, defamation or any other deficit, debit or any harm,, directors, employees, any other affiliates of will not be held responsible for the same.

Content publishing guidelines / other guidelines for analysts (verified / un-verified):

·         Content guidelines

a)     You must not use obscene or vulgar language;

b)     You must not submit Content that is unlawful or otherwise objectionable. This includes, but is not limited to, Content that is abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, ageist, sexist or racist;

c)      You must not submit Content that is intended to promote or incite violence;

d)     It is advised that submissions are made using the English language as we may be unable to respond to enquiries submitted in any other languages;

e)     The means by which you identify yourself must not violate these terms of use or any applicable laws;

f)       You must not impersonate other people, particularly employees and representatives of the Owner or our affiliates; and

g)     You must not use our System for unauthorised mass-communication such as “spam” or “junk mail”.

·         Other guidelines

h)     The Advisor will not converse or share any contact number, E-mail ID, etc. If advisor breach this law the company has reserved rights to terminate his account and discard their money (in case of verified analyst).

i)       The calls and messages between the Advisor and clients are monitored by the organization to check if the services are provided in an appropriate manner.

j)       The Advisor cannot use the logo or the name of the organization for any personal benefits.

k)     Verified analysts please refer to the detailed Terms and Conditions shared with you at the time of signing the contract with

l)       All the data / content once published on the site,, would become the property of, and the analysts / astrologers may not claim any remuneration for their published content in any form, except for the revenue sharing agreement signed with the verified analysts and astrologers. In case of merger or acquisition of the company, or if decides to change its domain name / website or transfer the company to another one, the content generated by the analysts / astrologers would become the property of the buyer and the analysts / astrologers would not be able to claim any revenue from the sale of the site, unless given voluntarily by Further, data generated by the analysts / astrologers would automatically get transferred to the new domain / website.


The terms and conditions that have been provided in the document is based on and subject to Indian Law. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction as well as venue of courts in Uttar Pradesh, India in all the disputes arising due to using the website.


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