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Dear Member
We wish to let you know on Our website ‘s member is the mean by the dealers who deals as brokers/service providers of any correspondence service related to commodity or equity market Professionally.
We let the member register on our website with accurate data what we wish to display on their profile page to avoid any breach of visitor’s trust and legal Issues. Your registration will complete after verification of your details such as contact number, email Id and and photo.
We keep history of all post by Members so that visitor can check their accuracy .Kindly read term and conditions and disclaimer to use Service and site.

We bring this service for sweeping the fraud analyzer from trading market who plays with investor’s huge capital to make little money for themselves, here you can continue post your analysis , news etc. To attract visitors for subscribing your real service related to research or news, we never let member to delete their post so that if member reports fails continuously, it can be noticed by visitor so that visitor know the real position of analyser, it give a kind of plus point to member to make their existence for long time and visitor to compare themselves as real analyzer.

Moreover  If any analyzer post something vulgar or breach any T&C, we keep solely right to delete their post and can terminate their account.
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