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Analyst Accuracy Profit Past Prefomance Subscribe
Vijay Suner89% Profit : INR 81222.00 Past Performance
Rishi Gupta75% Profit : INR 113530.10 Past Performance
KP SINGH75% Profit : INR 188915.00 Past Performance
Verified Analyst
KP SINGH Acc : 75% Profit : 188915.00 INR 8200Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Sudhesh Prajapat Acc : 74% Profit : 135993.50 INR 8000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Rishi Gupta Acc : 75% Profit : 113530.10 INR 5000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Vijay Suner Acc : 89% Profit : 81222.00 INR 10000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Naman Mehra Acc : 62% Profit : 58930.00 INR 15000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Sanny Arora Acc : 60% Profit : 18290.00 INR 10000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Magan Lal Acc : 60% Loss : -6355.00 INR 3500Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Naresh Priyadarshi Acc : 32% Loss : -26160.00 INR 20000Rs/M Past Performance
Verified Analyst
Ramniwas Kumar Acc : 61% Loss : -53601.50 INR 8000Rs/M Past Performance
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Sudhesh Prajapat
Profit:-  44144.5000
Month:-  08-12-2014

R Id: 50172 INTRADAY SILVER BUY SILVER Above 38000.00 T1- 38250.00, T2- 38500.00, T3- 38750.00 with SL- 37500.00 12/16/2014 7:10:31 PM

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